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For the most part, events behave like contacts. An event list contains multiple events, and each event supports a certain collection of fields, any one of which may have no, one, or more items. The following sections focus on the unique aspects of events.

The verb POST is appropriate, because you re executing some server-side process, and what the process should do depends on the data sent Calling the verb GET on the URL /services/controller returns the status of the server code.. generate ean 128, ean 13 barcode generator, pdf417, code to generate barcode 128, code 39, generate data matrix code, itextsharp remove text from pdf c#, replace text in pdf using itextsharp in c#, print barcode labels, itextsharp remove text from pdf c#,

Now that you can bind using the default method in Directory Utility, let s look at a way to set a little bit more information. The alternative method to performing a trusted static bind to Open Directory, or another LDAP server without using the command line, is to open Directory Utility and click on the lock to allow changes. Next, click on the Services icon in the Directory Utility application and then double-click on LDAPv3. From here, click on the New button, but unlike the section on unauthenticated static binding go ahead and enter a hostname or IP address to bind to in the Server Name or IP Address field, as shown in Figure 2-16. These options are as follows: Use for Authentication, which allows users to authenticate into local resources using the bound directory service. Define whether or not you want to supply Contacts to client systems using the Contacts tab of Search Policy in much the same way that you used the Authentication tab. Encrypt using SSL, one of the best ways to securely configure Open Directory (assuming, of course, that you have an SSL certificate and have followed the procedures previously outlined).

Users with a full-featured desktop email client such as Microsoft Outlook can set up their BlackBerry Desktop Manager program to automatically sync between their desktop and mobile calendars. This means that, when a user accepts a meeting invitation on Outlook and then leaves the office, his BlackBerry can vibrate to remind him that the meeting time is approaching. Keep in mind that events you create or manipulate on the phone might be propagated to other devices. Conversely, even if no events are modified on the phone, the calendar may change the next time the device connects to the desktop. In order to support this kind of syncing, a standard interchange format is necessary. The original PIM Event implementation was derived from vCalendar 1.0, also known as vCal. This is a standardized format created by the Internet Mail Consortium, the same organization responsible for vCard. vCalendar has since been supplanted by the newer iCalendar standard, developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force. BlackBerry PIM supports import from and export to both formats. The following shows a simple iCalendar event.

Next, click on the Continue button. Once you have updated the Search Policy, you should be able to test authentication using the aforementioned dirt (10.5) or dscl (10.6) utilities.

Now that you are bound, open Directory Access from /Applications/Utilities and click on the Services icon in the Directory Utility toolbar again. From here, click on the name of the server you recently bound to and then click on the Edit button toward the bottom of the screen. Here, you can set a variety of options about how the LDAPv3 Plug-in functions, outlined in Figure 2-17. These include the following:

If you d like to control multiple pieces of server code in your application, then create child URLs such as the following: /services/controller/code1 and /services/controller/code2 The guidelines for starting, stopping, and retrieving the status of the individual server code pieces remain the same Often, server-side code pieces require configuration directives, such as the location of the base directory, how many threads to start, and so on These configuration directives are typically stored in a configuration file You should be able to specify these directives when the server code starts or stops For example, if you want to specify a thread count, then you could use the CGI parameter action=start&threadcount=12 for starting the server code If you have the ability to define configuration directives, then they can be queried and retrieved when the status of the server is requested.


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